Scene Selection via Button

In this article, I show how you can switch through several scenes with one button in Home Assistant. Set up the Scenes First, you create the scenes that you want to switch through. You make things easier if you do not use spaces or other special characters for the names, but only lower case letters and numbers.

Monitoring plants with Home Assistant

In this post I show how I try to use Home Assistant to monitor my plants and remind me to water them. Plant Sensor The sensor used is a MiFlora-compatible soil sensor. These sensors measure temperature, brightness, soil moisture and soil conductivity. The data is sent via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Integration of my Doorbell in Home Assistant

Anyone can use a normal bell With a classical doorbell, pressing the bell button closes an electric circuit and thereby activates a bell or similar. For the integration of such bells there are plenty of instructions and more or less ready-made solutions for the integration into smarthome systems.

Zigbee Button in Node-RED

In this short article I show how to use a Zigbee button to control automations in Node-RED. The Button and Home Assistant I am using the Aqara Wireless Mini Switch from Xiaomi. This is a Zigbee button that is integrated in my Home Assistant via deConz.